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Adding Metadata To Your Header Page by Page in WordPress

Say you want to make a custom landing page for people who click from one of your books to your newsletter.  You don’t want search engines to see that page because it’s not relevant to anyone who hasn’t come from a book, and plus, it mostly repeats your newsletter page, which can make you look spammy to search engines if they can “see” it all.

So you need to add this line to your header:

<meta name=”robots” content=”noindex”>

WordPress doesn’t natively support changing metadata like that on a per-page basis, and I was having the hardest time finding anything that did.  Then I found the plugin “Facebook Conversion Pixel.”  (It has to be that EXACT one!  There are others with similar names that don’t do this.)  Even though it says it’s for Facebook, it really just lets you insert ANYTHING into the header of any page you like.  Problem solved!

I add this to all my “thank you” pages, as well.  I don’t want people for some reason clicking from a search and ending up on a “thank you” page.

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