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Why Did iBooks Reject My eBook?

iBooks is one of the most difficult platforms to get through the approval process with, and many times, the explanations for rejection aren’t entirely clear.  From experience, I’ve learned the following causes for rejection.

1.  You tried to upload a 3D cover.

iBooks doesn’t allow 3D covers.

2.  You mentioned any price, including “free,” in your file.

iBooks doesn’t allow any price mentions.

3.  You mentioned or linked to another retailer.

iBooks doesn’t allow any links to other platforms…or even mentions of them.  Don’t say that you’re an Amazon Bestselling Author in your iBooks bio!

4.  Your own website has links to Amazon in the sidebar, or the book page that you link to talks about you or your books being Amazon bestsellers.

iTunes DOES allow links to your own site even though it will have links to additional retailers, but if you give extra attention to another retailer, certain customer service reps will block your book.  And once your book is blocked, it’s much, much harder to get it unblocked.

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